Project activities

Use case 1. Flexible OPVs for the powering of a smart energy platform for IoT devices

The “OPVIUS” choice for OPVs

Rola-FLEX will demonstrate an ITO-free flexible organic photovoltaic (OPV) prototype which will comprise metal oxides based carrier selective contacts, advanced non-fullerene based electronic materials for high power conversion efficiency (PCE), a printable nanoparticle ink-based top contact and novel ultra-low permeation barrier films. This prototype will be integrated into a smart energy management platform for IoT devices in the context of smart city environments. 

Use case 2. OLCD/OTFT displays for wearable smart watches

Keep a “Watch” over POLAR

The second demonstrator which RoLA-FLEX will target is an OLCD/OTFT module prototype. OLCD is an innovative display technology, which enables curved form factors whilst reutilizing the LCD manufacturing infrastructure. This OLCD display will be integrated in a wearable smart watch with superior performance (brightness, contrast), lifetime and form factor (zero bezel, curvature) features.