The RoLA-FLEX project will make a significant contribution to the technological readiness of Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE). The applications developed within the project open up new market opportunities answering apparent market needs – independent, discreet and always available source of “green” energy, as well as thinner, lighter and flexible wearables that adapt to the user, rather than the other way around. The project focuses on the demonstration of two TRL5 prototypes employing innovative OLAE processes:

  • OPV integrated smart energy management platform that powers IoT devices

Application domains:

Smart metering, Waste management, Safety & security


The sensors in the OPV integrated devices will be able to monitor temperature, fulness of containers, motion, location, humidity and other environmental conditions.

  • Smart watch with an ultra-bright flexible display using OLCD with OTFT array backplanes made from high performance organic semiconductor materials.

Application domains: Sports, fitness and wellness. Potential for medical devices (not in current business plan).

Usability: Device to be used 24/7 in indoors and outdoors, especially in sunshine. Prone to mechanical stress in terms of different use situations, such as sports and work of daily life. Shall be usable overnight.