The structure of RoLA-FLEX project follows a clear and logical pattern to achieve the outlined objectives in the most efficient way:

  • The project will start by setting specifications and confirming application requirements (WP1)
  • Novel organic and inorganic materials will be synthesized, characterized and scaled-up in WP2 and WP3 respectively.
  • WP4 will combine Roll-to-Roll deposition technique with fully digital laser post-processing and seamlessly integrate these in a high throughput, flexible OPV module fabrication and interconnection line.
  • Similarly, WP5 will combine photolithography process with a high-speed laser printing sintering and patterning, integrating all in a high-resolution process line.
  • WP6 will then use the results of previous WPs and apply them in two use cases – the first one focusing on flexible OPV integration in a smart energy platform for IoT devices, the second aiming at integrating the OLCD/OTFT display module into a next generation wearable smart watch.
  • Throughout the project, results will be well disseminated and the foundation for their exploitation is set after the project ends.