Month 36 Project General Assembly Meeting in Prague

On Tuesday, 11th July 2023 we had the Month 36 Project General Assembly Meeting in Prague, hosted by AMIRES. It was the last one before the final meeting which will take place in December in Oulu, Finland.  

This time was a hybrid session where all the partners attended the meeting (in person & online), and we hope they enjoyed the experience!  Also, we want to thank all of them for their contribution.  

For the whole day, we were involved in attending the speakers’ presentations, related to the project progress, possible challenges and planning the next steps for the last months of the project. We also shared the last updates regarding the project’s technology, administrative and financial aspects.   

This meeting has been the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas between the team, discuss about the next steps and for networking between the partners.   

We also want to thank ASCA-DE because they brought some demonstrators – attached it in the pictures below, where you can find a Free Form OPV modules, with charging electronics and light sensors, intended for the smart energy platform. 

We are happy to have the opportunity of sharing insights & expertise with all the consortium!  

Stay tuned and keep up to date on our website!